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Wear and Tear and Collaborative Sculpture by Bill Leigh and Chayo Wilson


Six awesome artists will be highlighted in the show at The CAVE opening December 1 at 5pm. 

The four artists showing in the white gallery show work previously featured on Grimm, in The Fly, Chronicles of Riddick and recently At Home With Monsters and in a prodigious art show curated by Guillermo del Toro in Los Angeles. Bill Leigh and Chayo collaborate on art in the black walled sculpture gallery at the top of the ramp.

Please join all the artists; 

The CAVE is proud to present the art of Sam Cobb, Matthew Hopkins, Ugo Serrano, Chris Walas in Gallery One plus the sculpture collaboration of Bill Leigh and Chayo Wilson in Gallery Two. The show will continue to be on display for the full month of December.

Sam Cobb, featured on Dirty Jobs 2007,  and a contestant for SyFy Channel’s first season of Face Off is incredible. Sam has worked for Disney, Universal Studios, the Olympic Games and in many more venues. Her work has been featured in galleries around the world.

Matthew Hopkins, a freelancer whose puppetry has been seen on Portlandia, with Logan Lynn and in conjunction with the Shins, was worked on many television and theatrical productions for the past decade.

Ugo Serrano fabricated armor for Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, served as a designer for Witchblade and represented the USA in a jewelry competition at the Louvre in Paris.

Chris Walas’ magic as been seen in Dragonslayer, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, Gremlins and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. His creativity earned him an Academy Award among various accolades. He has promised to give an artist’s talk about his process so be sure you put this on your calendar (3rd Saturday in December, 2pm).

Biographies with more detail and links to their personal websites below:

Sam Cobb:
Sam has worked in and on television and film (most notably on Dirty jobs 2007 Halloween special and SyFy Channel’s first season of Face Off). She has collaborated on puppets, props and costumes for Disney, Universal Studios, the Olympic Games Ceremonies, Netherworld Haunted House, and many more. She is also an avid teacher of the arts, and her work has been featured in galleries around the world. Sam is currently pursuing a series of kinetic pieces that she feels truly reflect her experience of the world as an artist and artisan. She hopes to debut these works in the near future as they reach their completion.

Matthew Hopkins:
Matthew has worked freelance on many commercial, television, and theatrical productions for the past decade. He has created and performed puppetry for Portlandia, Logan Lynn, and the Shins.  Matthew draws inspiration for his creatures from myth and folklore.  He holds a BA in Theatre and Film from Western Washington University. Portland is home. More work related to his creatures can be seen on www.nightmerriment.com.

Ugo Serrano:
At 22, Ugo moved to Nevada City, California – a highly artistic community – and ended up joining a reenactment group. Building his own armor for this launched a lifetime passion and career. He went on to attend school at the International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida, where he received a degree in fashion design and graduated with top honors including the Dean’s list, inclusion into “The Who’s Who of American Colleges” and had the opportunity to represent the U.S. in a jewelry competition at the Louvre in Paris.
Spending some time making armor and corsetry for friends after college, Ugo finally ended up back in L.A. where he began his career in the movie industry, landing jobs as designer/fabricator on “Witchblade” and making the horse armour for Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes”, ultimately finding work at a special effects company where he further honed his skills. Today, Ugo is continually perfecting his craft doing work in the entertainment industry, sculpting, designing and with each project discovering new abilities to add to his madness, creating timeless pieces and alternate realities. http://ugoserrano.net/

Chris Walas:
Chris has worked in the entertainment business for almost forty years in film, television and theater. Working freelance for many years on low budget films and television, he left LA to work for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked on DRAGONSLAYER, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and RETURN OF THE JEDI. After leaving ILM, he started his own company, CWI, whose first feature film was GREMLINS. CWI was one of the foremost creature effects companies and it worked on dozens of TV commercials and TV shows, as well as many films such as Francis Ford Coppola’s BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, David Cronenberg’s NAKED LUNCH and THE FLY, for which Chris received several awards, including an Academy Award. The company went on to work on many more films, including ROMANCING THE STONE, ENEMY MINE, GOLDEN CHILD, GHOST, ARACHNAPHOBIA, and more.



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